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Wine Intelligence deutscher Newsletter

…mit deutscher Zusammenfassung über den eingefügten Link kostenlos herunterladen. In unserer globalen Vinitrac Befragungswelle von Weinkonsumenten vom März haben wir Tracking Fragen zur Verhaltensänderung von Konsumenten ergänzt. Erste Highlights aus…


The loyalty paradox

…our Vinitrac surveys we ask regular (monthly) wine drinkers which wine brands they have bought in the past 3 months. By analysing the data from recent surveys in the US…


Go boutique or go bust?

…Elegance,’ ‘Vineyard Stately,’ ‘Classic,’ ‘Boutique,’ ‘Simple Contemporary,’ ‘Vintage,’ ‘Bold Text’ and ‘Cartoon Retro’. These nine labels were then tested in our online Vinitrac® survey with over 2,000 US regular wine…


We like David, but buy Goliath

…brands there are in a given market. When we did this exercise on our most recent dataset (Vinitrac® Global, October 2016) we found far fewer niche brands than one might…


A sense of adventure

An adventurous burgeoning middle class and a strengthening economy makes Colombia one of the most attractive Latin American markets – for now Historically, the Columbian wine drinker has been set…


Uncorking the truth

…the EU referendum, we thought for the sake of variety that this time we’d spice up our otherwise innocuous UK Vinitrac survey with the most politically charged question of 2016:…


Britain’s OMG moment

…wine drinking correlating with a Remain vote in the next UK Vinitrac omnibus survey, which will be in field in the middle of July. Author: Richard Halstead Email: m…


Bearing fruit?

…other) consumer insights question in our upcoming Vinitrac omnibus surveys happening in 10 countries in July. Deadline for questions is the end of this week. Author: Daniele Gozzi Email:…


Shifting frontiers

…conduct valid and reliable surveys with Chinese wine drinkers. Wine Intelligence interviews around 10,000 Chinese consumers a year for its market-leading Vinitrac China consumer survey. To ensure that we are…