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The four things wine consumers care about

…find out more about your specific wine consumers, you can create your own bespoke survey for the July wave of Vinitrac by emailing to discuss your project. Author: Lulie…


Global Trends in Wine: The who, what and how

…interviews and our tracking data collected via Vinitrac®, our wine consumer survey platform that gathers usage and attitude information from wine drinkers in 33 major markets every year.   Demographics:…


2018: things to remember

…feedback. The Global Wine Brand Power Index was the result of on an algorithm developed by Wine Intelligence using data from our Vinitrac® surveys of roughly 16,000 respondents in 2017,…


2019: what you need to know

…Global Trends in Wine, Global Wine Brand Power Index and the Global Compass Report for both still and sparkling wines. Finally, Vinitrac®, the Wine Intelligence omnibus survey running in 33…


The US generation game

…even within the same age cohort Since the first Vinitrac® US survey launched in 2007, Wine Intelligence has witnessed some significant changes in consumer behaviors among regular wine drinkers in…


The power of a large group of small producers

…wines on display. And all had relevant arguments to be there. But when we ask consumers to name wine brands unprompted in our Vinitrac® surveys, the average American regular wine…


Wine Consumption and Gender: Do women and men approach wine differently?

…have taken some of the most commonly-heard hypotheses, and used our extensive international consumer behaviour and attitudinal datasets collected from Vinitrac®, plus some specifically-designed research experiments, to see if there…


Wine in India – a Millennial love affair

…find out more about the wine market, consumption behaviours, attitudes and relationships with wine in India. The report is the result of our first-ever Vinitrac® India survey. Overall, our findings…


Press release: Although Chinese wine consumers prefer conventional wine labels with quality reassurance cues in general, new drinkers are open to unconventional labels with bold personality and emphasis on individualism

…visits: ‘Vineyard Stately’, ‘Traditional Prestigious’, ‘Prestigious’, ‘Classic’, ‘Simple Elegant’, Contemporary’, ‘Artisan’, Vibrant Classic’, ‘Vibrant’ and ‘Bold Illustration’. These ten labels were tested in the Vinitrac® China online survey with 1,000…