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“It has been said that the egg shell is the perfect form of packaging. It is lightweight, fully bio-degradable and strong enough to safely protect its contents yet with enough fragility to allow an infant bird to hatch.”
“Apart from the need for something to hatch out of it, beverage, and in particular, wine packaging has many of the same concerns as the egg. However, unlike nature which has had many thousands of years to evolve the perfect design, wine packaging has had a much shorter time frame and also the added complexity of having to appeal to a constantly evolving preferences and tastes of consumers with different cultural backgrounds and different need states.”
“This report looks at 8 main packaging types available in the Australian market to determine their current usage and consumer attitudes and opinions towards them. The majority of the Australian wine market drink from relatively few packaging types, with 52% having only ever bought 2 of the options. Not surprisingly pretty much all consumers buy standard bottles but the real interest comes in who buys the alternative or ‘other’ packaging types and why.”
“Small format bottles are a relatively popular choice with 34% of regular Australian wine drinkers having ever bought them and 13% (or 1.5 million) buying on a monthly basis. They benefit from being convenient to carry and often associated with informal occasions or a relaxing drink at home.”
Excerpts from the report introduction


  • Introduction
  • Management summary
  • Packaging purchase
  • Packaging imagery
  • Packaging occasions
  • Packaging buyers profiling
  • Methodology
The data for this study was collected in April 2014 via Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac® online survey of 1,000 Australian regular wine drinkers.
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