New Trends - New trends, old instincts and the impact on alcoholic drinks

We have identified nine key global cultural trends that will shape the future of the global marketplace for alcoholic beverages

Consumers across the world are behaving in new ways. Yet the drivers of these trends are not new at all. In fact, many are based on ancient instincts that either still influence us, or are reasserting themselves anew as communications technology allows us to rediscover forgotten tribal patterns. Modern technology has enabled us to be part of more tribes, more often, and more quickly. The tribes may not look like they used to – they could take the form of a “liked” Facebook page, attendance at a music festival, or membership of a belly dancing club. The people who follow us on Twitter are part of our tribe – and we reciprocate by “following” them, so we are part of theirs, in an infinity of overlapping Venn diagrams. Underpinning this tribal behaviour are the three key motivators for human beings: reward, exploration and conformity. And all three underpin our relationship with alcoholic drinks.

In recent Network News editions, we have been featuring some of these nine global cultural trends including TransparencyRetro, and most recently Well Being and some of their implications for the drinks category. You will find that many of the trends identified are closely related, if not interlinked. Others may have aspects that are fleeting, or be a consequence of today’s technology which may disappear in due course. Many will be familiar, as much of what’s powering these trends goes back in time. We feel these trends will shape the future of the global marketplace for alcoholic beverages.

Our latest report Global Trends in Alcoholic Drinks 2013 examines and presents each trend and is rich with examples from beyond the drinks category.