WI RESEARCH e1421678109376 - Movers and shakers: the growing categories of the wine world
Consumer trends and insights from Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac®platform
What are the world’s wine consumers up to? While each market has its own retailers, consumption occasions, and local trends, there are some broader trends that we’ve been noticing over the past 2 years. Last autumn was a record one for Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac Global, the twice-yearly survey of consumers across the world. We collected the views of over 46,000 consumers in 16 countries, by far the biggest data collection we’ve ever done. Inspired by this large body of evidence, and some jazzy new graphics software, one of our senior analysts, Chuan Zhou, has been creating a few infographics about some key changes in certain wine styles, categories and channels. They appear below – feel free to use them in your own work, and if you do please cite us as the source.

Vinitrac infographics 1Vinitrac infographics 2