Meet the Mavericks - Meet the Mavericks: Wine Intelligence Symposium @LIWF

We know the UK wine industry is in crisis. Successive duty increases, increased supermarket buyer power and adverse currency movements have conspired to eliminate meaningful returns from selling wine in the UK market.

Once upon a time the world’s wine suppliers beat a path to the UK’s door for the right to sell the archetypal £4.99 bottle to UK consumers. Many now focus on other markets. UK importers and distributors now fight for relevance in a world where direct purchasing is fast, frictionless and cheap. Specialist retailers struggle to define an offer that can effectively compete with supermarkets, while supermarket wine buyers need to justify wine’s merchandising space and profitability against competing claims.

Meet the Mavericks 254x300 - Meet the Mavericks: Wine Intelligence Symposium @LIWF

If the traditional wine selling model in the UK is broken, what should replace it? It’s time to consider radical ideas, and look beyond the category for inspiration.

With this in mind, Wine Intelligence and the London International Wine Fair invite you to participate in a new event on the final morning of this year’s London Wine Fair. Entitled Meet the Mavericks, the event will be a showcase for disruptive thinking, both within the wine trade and beyond.

Over the course of three hours on the morning of May 22nd you will meet roboticists and luxury obsessives, punk brewers and wine “rioters”. You will experience some trenchant analysis of the industry’s present, and glimpse some possible futures. And you can then join the debate yourself over a light networking lunch with the speakers and your fellow participants.

Mavericks, by their nature, are rare birds. By collecting several in one place, The Wine Intelligence Symposium @LIWF provides you an unprecedented opportunity to experience new perspectives and reflect on your own strategic thinking.

Tickets are strictly limited and are available to book in advance from Wine Intelligence by clicking this link. If you would like further information, please contact Stefanie Forster on or 02073781277