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Swiss consumers show signs of change in their attitudes to wine

Whilst French- and German-speaking consumers maintain distinct relationships with wine, wine involvement is increasing across the board in Switzerland Despite a long-term trend in declining wine volume consumption, Switzerland remains an…
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Opportunities for wine brands in the UK

UK brands with good off-premise distribution and above-average price points have resonated with consumers during the pandemic – will the good times continue after lockdown ends?   By most estimations, wine has had a ‘good’ pandemic in…
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Yellow Tail and Casillero del Diablo remain the world’s most powerful wine brands amid a picture of eroding brand equity for wine brands worldwide

Most major wine brands may have seen solid volume performances in 2020 thanks to core consumers stocking up, but the challenge for brand owners in the post-Covid era will be to restore connections with their wider audience The fourth edition…
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Label designs delivering classic wine reassurance cues continue to have the highest intent to purchase amongst US wine drinkers

However, there is a growing likelihood to purchase red wine with less 'central' and more 'distinctive' wine labels
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Are elements of wine label design changing with the pandemic?

Wine Intelligence talks the importance of wine label design with three leading experts in the field With the publication of our latest Wine Label Design in the US Market 2021 report, Wine Intelligence researchers have been analysing consumer…
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Why wine labels matter

It is the ultimate signal of what’s in the bottle, yet the wine label is often the victim of misunderstanding on the part of the brand owner. Can consumer sentiment help? When asked about their archetypal consumer, many wine brand owners…
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The hidden cost of wine retail’s ecommerce miracle

Wine retailers around the world largely survived the pandemic by pivoting rapidly and successfully to selling online as well as in store. Post-lockdown, the economics of this enforced omnichannel approach will come under more scrutiny. As part…
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Three reasons to be positive about the Argentinean wine market

The latest edition of Argentina Wine Landscapes 2021, our first update on the market since 2017, shows that Covid has taken a toll on the wine sector, but there is growing opportunity for the off-trade, ecommerce and wider sector innovation Globally,…
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