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Goodbye 2012, and the 10 for 10 Business Awards

The highlight of our 10th birthday celebrations in 2012 was the Wine Intelligence 10 for 10 Business Awards.
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Are we ready for screw-caps on sparkling wine?

Moving beyond natural cork for sparkling is taking hold, led by Australian producers.
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There’s a future in the past

The Lomography phenomenon shows that consumers can take inspiration from old ideas as well as new ones – and it’s all part of a global trend.
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Mexicans wave hello to wine

A new president and a vibrant economy mean that Mexico is shaking off the old stereotypes, and its increasing wealth presents a big opportunity to wine exporters.
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Wine and tablets: A potent combination

The increased use of hand-held computing devices like iPads could be good news for online sales.
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China: Five trends for the wine market in 2013

Wine Intelligence analysts highlight the developments they expect to see over the coming year in the world’s fastest growing market.
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Australia’s mojo is back

Following a recent visit to Australia, CEO Lulie Halstead finds the Australian Wine Community more buoyant than 2 years ago.
Wine BagInaBox - Latest News

Thinking outside the box

The UK could potentially buy more BIB wine, but only if producers address some important questions about image and value.
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The language barrier

French-speaking Canadians have very different views to their English-speaking counterparts – and they’re not overly impressed by Canadian domestic wines.
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Let’s get this clear: consumers want transparency

You can run, but you can’t hide, from some increasingly awkward questions. Transparency, one of the global consumer trends for 2013.
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Getting some closure

Could US wine drinkers finally be ready to embrace screw-caps?
Global Trends in Wine 2020 450x450 - Latest News

Global Trends in Wine 2020 Video Series

This January, we launched our first ever video series, based on our Global Trends in Wine 2020 report.  Our Global Trends in Wine 2020 report dives deeper into the who, the what and the how of wine consumer trends, grouping these into the…