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Pod2 20.05.2014 - Latest News

The USA is the largest wine market

So it is now official. The USA is the largest market for wine in the world.
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Sun’s out – let’s fix the roof

The UK’s economic revival provides a chance to reboot innovation in the wine category
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Colombia’s new drinks passion

Coffee and craft beer is making this nation buzz – and wine seems to be missing the boat.
GreeceWineBottle - Latest News

Refreshing Greece

Is a 1.5 litre plastic bottle of wine ever a good idea?
AfricanCouple drinking wine - Latest News

Nigeria: Bubbles, brands and new consumers

Sub-saharan Africa is starting to feature on many wine producers’ radars, led by Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.
Rio beach night - Latest News

Hosting Brazil style

Will the global focus on Brazil profit the wine sector?
wine jet breaking into glass - Latest News

Enough to drive you to drink

The low alcohol wine debate is caught in a semantic labyrinth.
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Searching for lower limits in France

The French may learn to love lower alcohol wine – if they can find it.
Wine Shop in Mexico - Latest News

Made in Mexico

Maria Troein reports back from Mexico City, what the “Made in Mexico” trend means for imported wines.
Wine accessories - Latest News

Accessorise it

The latest wine accessory to add to your arsenal.
Meantine Brewery Beer - Latest News

The rise of the beer connoisseur

What wine can learn from the genesis of “Beeroir”.
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Drink, the great provoker (of words)

How Google’s latest toy helps reveal the history of alcohol culture.