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Different paths

Our new Portraits segmentation for Australian wine consumers serves as a useful reminder about how our consumption behaviour is not necessarily defined by age and gender If someone looked at my repertoire of favourite TV shows, they might…

Never mind the politics

Despite (or perhaps because of) the most extraordinary White House race in decades, Americans are drinking more wine, and spending more on it It’s difficult to know yet whether the apparent transformation of the US presidential election…

Independents’ day

US specialist and independent wine retail are pivoting their business models to attract an increasingly online and social-media driven customer Generalising about wine retail channels in the US market is no easy feat. Given the complexity…

Less, but better

UK wine consumers are declining in number, but those that remain are trading up and adopting a more involved stance towards their wine-drinking habits Only a few years ago the meteoric rise of Aldi and Lidl looked like it had the potential…

Uncorking the truth

Did British wine drinkers vote for Brexit?

Bubbles tomorrow?

The Australian sparkling market may seem flat, but perhaps there’s more to celebrate than we think.

The wine branding conundrum

To make brands work in the wine category, we need to recognise how they work

Taste for adventure

Australia’s wine drinkers are growing accustomed to a broader portfolio of varietals and countries of origin

Retail theatricals

The UK bricks-and-mortar retail scene is reinventing itself as a “brand experience” destination

Force for good?

Our correspondent visits Pennsylvania’s state controlled liquor stores and comes away with a changed view

The future is now

China has embraced online and mobile commerce with open arms, and the online wine market is ripe with opportunity as a result.

What’s driving Mexico’s wine boom?

Mexico is creeping slowly onto the radar of the wine trade. But what are the reasons behind Mexicans’ growing enthusiasm for vino?