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Act your age!

While focusing on Millennials, we have forgotten about the power of older generations
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Chateau of A Hundred Prices

If you think wine shopping in the West is confusing, try choosing a bottle from the aisles of a supermarket in Chengdu
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The apps have it

Popular wine apps may be changing how UK consumers purchase and enjoy wine
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A drop more Dog Strangler?

Portugal’s eclectic grape varieties represent a fascinating branding challenge
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Curating luxury

Three brand stories in a short walk down Piccadilly
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The reform shop

Change is afoot in Canadian wine retailing as Ontario wrestles with plans to restructure its liquor distribution laws
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Champagne used to be almost synonymous with the words ‘sparkling wine’ in the UK – but this may be changing
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And so a revolution begins

China’s imported wine market is evolving thanks to burgeoning numbers of younger, less involved wine drinkers who buy wine at entry-level prices
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Does travel broaden the palate?

Last year 100 million Chinese went abroad as tourists. Here are our thoughts on what wine businesses can do to build their connection with this new audience.
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Millennials in the driving seat

How the changing generational mix is affecting the US wine market
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A Majestic mix?

The merger between Naked and Majestic offers a new opportunity to change how consumers see wine.