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Rio beach night - Italy and England sparkle

Five key factors for success in the Brazilian wine market

Brazilians drink wine like never before and are keen to learn more, however targeting consumers is not without challenges.
Meet the Mavericks - Italy and England sparkle

Meet the Mavericks: Wine Intelligence Symposium @LIWF

We know the UK wine industry is in crisis. Successive duty increases, increased supermarket buyer power and adverse currency movements have conspired to eliminate meaningful returns from selling wine in the UK market.
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Vinisud Asia 2013: Mediterranean wines make a stand in China

Natasha Rastegar shares her observations from Shanghai.
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The summer of alternatives?

This summer may be more about the container than the product itself.
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Keep taking the tablets

The social internet via mobile phones and tablets continues to influence wines sales especially in the US.
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What’s going on in the on-trade

On-tradeA closer look at consumer behaviour in the on-trade reveals that drops in sales aren’t the whole story.
Choice Cues - Italy and England sparkle

Who do you trust?

Choice CuesWhen it comes to wine, it is apparently those you know rather than those in the know.
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Let’s hear it for the girls

Far from being an empty pop slogan, Girl Power is an international trend which marketers need to grasp in more than a tokenistic way.
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New trends, old instincts and the impact on alcoholic drinks

We have identified nine key global cultural trends that will shape the future of the global marketplace for alcoholic beverages.
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Tips to convert wine window shoppers into buyers

He is eyeing up the wine shelf. But how do you convert this “browser” into a “buyer”?
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What happens when the wine runs out?

It’s clear that 2013 will not be the year of the bargain wine.
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Italy and England sparkle

Prosecco and English sparkling continue to perform in the UK market.