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Future shock

Social media is evolving at dizzying speed – can the wine industry catch up?
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The value of China

Is Australia winning in China?
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A good recommendation in Australia

Decision-making dilemmas for 'real wine drinkers'
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Singular focus

What wine can learn from Bad Eggs and Cereal Killers
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Collaboration on a toasted bun

Pop-ups and unusual partnerships: an opportunity for the Australian wine industry
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Who Will Buy “Masstige” Wines in China?

Masstige brands have great potential to create excitement among the new generation of wine drinkers in China
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No home run yet for the US online channel

Americans’ use of the internet to buy wine has been lagging, but it’s starting to catch up
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A Question of Destination

How to tackle the tricky challenge of allocating scarce marketing resources among export markets
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Setting a label standard

Wine Intelligence now provides an industry benchmark for wine label testing
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It’s personal

In a world of digital distance, old fashioned communication matters more
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Journey of 1,000 miles

Wine is slowly becoming a mainstream drink in China, led by the young and educated
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Shades of judgement

How changing the colour of packaging can boost likelihood to buy