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A Majestic mix?

The merger between Naked and Majestic offers a new opportunity to change how consumers see wine.
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The learning web

The internet is becoming an increasingly important tool for teaching German consumers about wine
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Cultivating trouble

How can Spain position itself successfully as a producer of quality wines after the massive 2013 harvest?
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The sense of it

As technology puts distance between us and the real world, consumers increasingly value getting up close and personal with products and experiences
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Happy Sisterhood Day

Baileys strikes an emotional chord with Chinese women by playing the BFF card
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Nudging consumers to do good, Swedish style

How Systembolaget reach ecological targets
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A domestic affair

For a variety of reasons, wine in Brazil most often means wine made in Brazil. Will this phenomenon continue?
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National envy

When it comes to country brands, we are often our own worst critics
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I want it now

How the “Instant” trend is changing how we eat and drink
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Orange fizz

Wine is growing in the Netherlands again, led by the sparkling category
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Wine Intelligence and Geisenheim University announce research partnership

Wine Intelligence Ltd and Geisenheim University today announce the signing of a historic research partnership agreement
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Is social just local?

Wine Intelligence and Geisenheim University kick off their collaboration by showcasing research suggesting that social media strategy is very much a local affair