NZ Copy - Kiwi fizz

The newest addition to our Landscape report series shows some familiar themes

The world is shrinking. You can feel it when you touch down in New Zealand, a country physically far away from most other places on the planet, and quickly see the leading edge of several global food and drink trends.

In Christchurch, you can match your wine to your musical preferences, and in Wellington, you can match Mediterranean wines and food, including a notable range of Sherries. New Zealand wine drinking culture is established and sophisticated, with tastes reaching beyond the Sauvignon Blanc for which it is known globally.

Rosé and sparkling are the latest growth stories in wine in New Zealand. Over a third of regular wine drinkers, those drinking wine at least once a month, drink rosé, according to our latest research. Sparkling rosé is also performing particularly well, with 29% of regular wine drinkers including it in their beverage repertoire in 2014, up from 9% in 2010. Other categories of sparkling wine are also showing potential, with the number of Champagne drinkers growing, and Prosecco expanding from a small user base.

The trend for Prosecco reflects a wider enthusiasm for Italian wines, with sales of Italian still wines increasing by 46% since 2010 to 140,000 cases, although this number is still dwarfed by the nearly 9 million cases of domestic wine sold (IWSR 2015).

Wine Intelligence has now initiated coverage for the New Zealand market as part of our Landscapes series, and we have already published our first report focusing on New Zealand.

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Author: Natasha Rastegar