Social Internet - Keep taking the tablets

The social internet via mobile phones and tablets continues to influence wines sales especially in the US

Waiting for the ding-dong dial-up tone to connect to the World Wide Web is a distant memory; broadband on the PC was so Noughties. Now we’ve welcomed the social internet, and the idea of “going online” is now obsolete – we’re online all the time, everywhere, thanks to our mobile phones and tablets.

Social Internet 300x209 - Keep taking the tablets

Recent data collected by US online research agency Flurry shows how mobile internet is now accounting for more daily user time than the PC, and approaching TV viewing time [See chart 1]. It also reports that a quarter of YouTube views are now on mobile internet. Furthermore, this dominance of social internet-ing now has a direct link to shopping behaviour: last Christmas, four in five US smartphone/tablet owners said they would use their devices to do Christmas shopping [source: Google data, quoted by Flurry].

What does this mean for wine sales? Last year we reported the growing connection in the USA between tablet ownership and tendency to buy wine online: in a nutshell, Americans who own iPads or similar devices are 2.5 times more likely than non-owners to shop for wine online (7% of regular wine drinkers use the internet to buy wine, compared to 19% of tablet owners).

Wine Intelligence data has also shown that over a quarter of regular wine drinkers obtain wine information via social media, making this source more widely used than shop staff and TV/radio. As social media is increasingly accessed on mobile devices, it presents opportunities to have a more direct relationship with consumers, up to and including transactions.

Mobile vs TV Web 300x176 - Keep taking the tablets

A number of mobile “app” developers are also claiming that their technology represents a much easier gateway to having a transactional relationship with consumers, allowing even the smallest of wineries to have a much simpler way of taking orders and reaching out to a wider consumer base. The clunky and expensive transactional website may be about to join dial-up modems and chunky monitors in the internet museum.

Source: Flurry Analytics, which is a specialist app research agency. Wine Intelligence, Vinitrac® USA.