Cellar DoorWine Tourism: The Wine Intelligence upcoming seminar at ProWein 2013 takes a look what draws consumers to winery cellar doors
Did you know that 20% of Australians don’t taste or buy wine when they visit a winery cellar door?
Findings from our recent study, conducted in Australia in November 2012, also show that nearly 40% of younger visitors to cellar doors (those between 18 and 34 years old) do not taste or buy wine when they are there. So what are they doing there?
When talking to cellar door visitors about what motivated them to visit, their reasons for going were driven by factors beyond the wine such as ‘beautiful grounds’, ‘a stunning location’, ‘their vegetable garden’ and, ‘a good restaurant’. Good quality wine was rarely talked about as the key reason for the trip.
Our findings here echo our more general understanding of how we like to interact with brands and the type of brand experiences we are after. We don’t just simply want to Cellar Door 2purchase a product; we want to have authentic and unique experiences that we can share with others – both in the moment and afterwards. Our desire to ‘tell our tales’ either when we are chatting to friends or via our tweets or Facebook page is a major factor in driving the choices we make. It’s something we talked about in our Trends in Alcoholic Beverages report earlier this year.
In many ways, wine tourism has the potential to be the perfect brand ‘experience’. So this leads us to find out: what are the key success factors for positive winery experiences? How do perceptions and behaviours change after visiting a winery?
These are just some of the questions that will be discussed during our upcoming wine tourism seminar at ProWein (25th March 12 – 1pm).