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“Why have a wine label? Aside from the obvious legal requirements, wine labels are there to convey information quickly and clearly to the potential purchaser and/or consumer. As such, they need to be able to tell a story, quickly. To do this, wine labels typically need to fit within certain style groupings or archetypes to communicate their suitability for certain tastes, occasions and budgets. The style of label (including its color, font, design) gives important signals about the quality of the product, the expected price point and the occasions it is most suited for. At the same time, these signals must be traded off against the need for products to stand out on crowded shelves”
“The aim of this study was to test the appeal of commonly found label categories in the US wine market, to see which connect and engage best with different consumers and for different occasions.”
“Together with Amphora – wine label design specialists – we developed wine labels to illustrate the core defining features of each category which ranged from the traditional “Prestigious” & “Stately” through to the modern and even playful
“Light Hearted” & “Text Impact”. These ten labels were then tested in our online survey with over 2,000 US regular wine drinkers, to measure attractiveness, quality, price perceptions, likelihood to buy (formal and informal occasions) and imagery associations”
Excerpts from the report introduction
  • Introduction
  • Management summary
  • Understanding the wine label categories
  • How different label categories perform:
  • Profiling by gender, age and channels across:
  • Attractiveness
  • Perceived quality
  • Expected price
  • Likelihood to buy
  • Imagery statements for label categories
  • Profiling by Portraits
  • Portraits overview
  • Methodology
The data for this study was collected in Julyl 2014. Data was gathered via Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac® US online survey and is representative of all US regular wine drinkers (n=2,072).
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