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Last Friday, industry professionals from every sector joined Wine Intelligence in central London for our inaugural Global Consumer Trends 2017 workshop.

Looking for that typical conference experience where you sit back, relax, half-listen to a speaker while checking email? Then don’t come to the Wine Intelligence Global Trends 2017 workshop. Led by our CEO, Lulie Halstead, the workshop threw participants straight into the deep end. Following a brief explanation of the 12 key consumer trends affecting the wine category this year, attendees were charged with bringing a new concept or product to market that embraced one (or two, or three) of them. Armed with our quantitative data, some magazines, scissors and paper glue, delegates put their new knowledge into action and came up with a host of new initiatives designed to engage consumers.

Event collage - What’s hot in the global village

Some teams decided they would court Adventurous Connoisseurs, a segment of middle-aged confident wine drinkers in the UK market who enjoy experimenting with their wine choices, while others targeted Generation Treaters (younger wine drinkers who are growing in confidence and experimenting with caution in their wine choice). One team pursued the trend of Obsession – the single-mindedly focus on one purpose, product or service – to completely disrupt the traditional design of a wine shelf display. A second convincingly argued that Activate, the trend of creating brand memorability through interaction, was necessary to stand out in a crowded marketplace. They followed up with a truly interactive shopping experience engineered specifically for their target market.

The day drew to an end with an informal round of drinks where delegates could reflect on the day. The Wine Intelligence team still has work their work cut out for them, with another five workshops to come. Over the coming months we’re taking it on the road to Sydney, Barcelona (venue and date TBC), Porto, Geisenheim and Santiago to share our insight and teach you how to implement our consumer findings into your own business.

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Author: James Wainscott