Global Trends in Wine CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 1 180x180 - Global Trends in Wine 2020 report updated and released as open-source

We first published our annual update of our Global Trends in Wine report in January 2020, just 2 months ago. Since then, of course, a major trend that we didn’t anticipate – the global coronavirus pandemic – has overtaken all others to dominate the economic, social and political agenda of the world in a completely unprecedented way.

This week, we have asked ourselves two questions: in this “new normal”, how relevant are the trends we reported on at the start of the year? And how might the trends themselves evolve, given the current crisis and its aftermath?

Back in January – only 8 weeks ago, but already seeming like another era – we reported that the key themes in global trends in wine for 2020 revolved around ‘The Four Rs’: Relationship, Retail, Repertoire and Responsibility. In our new environment, we believe these mega trends are as valid as they were in the pre-coronavirus world. However, the way in which these trends present themselves in the current context, and the path of their evolution through the remainder of this year and beyond, has undoubtedly changed.

We are now issuing this updated Global Trends in Wine 2020 report as open source. We strongly believe that good business strategy and execution needs to start with good understanding of the drivers and momentum shifts in our category that, in some cases, have been building over years. For wine businesses around the world that are, like us, writing new business plans as each extraordinary day passes, we hope this will provide some useful input.

In terms of how the new report works: we have updated our summary commentary for each trend with insights about how each of the trends is most likely to be impacted by the new normal in both the short and medium terms. The substance and examples remain the same as they were before.

We are collecting new and updated consumer data this week and next via Vinitrac®, our online wine drinker platform. We have included additional questions to capture the immediate impact on wine drinking behaviour and choices and this insight will be ready in the next few weeks.

Wine Intelligence remains open for business in all of our markets. Please do contact me personally if you have any questions or would like to review or discuss what implications we are seeing for the future of our sector at


Best wishes to all of our friends in the world of wine,

Lulie Halstead

CEO, Wine Intelligence


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