HarpersHarpers recently reported on Wine Intelligence’s London session of the Brand Power, Innovations and Trends Workshop Series that occurred on the 2nd of March 2018.
“Speaking at a London workshop on ‘Trends, Brand Power and Innovation’, coinciding with the release of Wine Intelligence’s first Global Wine Brand Power Index report, CEO Lulie Halstead described a series of ‘shifts’ in demographics and consumption behaviour that are impacting on the way the world buys and consumers wine.”
“With regard to wine, specifically, Halstead highlighted three mature markets for comparison, charting a decline in the proportion of frequent wine drinkers between 2007 and 2017 in Germany (down from 16% to 11%), USA (down from 12% to 7%) and the UK (down from 16% to 11%).
“Moreover, while some consumers have shifted from wine to other categories such as spirits, cocktails and craft beers, research drawn from 1,000 focus groups across 19 markets suggested that the main driver is people generally drinking less alcohol, with health a key factor, driven by government policy in many markets.”
Read the full article and more of what was discussed at the London workshop here.