Australia Packaing Formats and Closures in the Australian Market 2018 2 2 1 180x180 - Wine Packaging Formats and Closures in the Australian Market 2018

The Wine Packaging Formats and Closures in the Australian Market 2018 report provides an overview of the consumption behaviour and attitude towards both wine packaging formats and closures amongst Australian regular wine drinkers.
Key findings include:
1.Wine in can entering mainstream wine-buying channels, but currently has low consideration to purchase rates
Following the positive growth rates of wine in cans (albeit from small bases) in other international markets, Woolworth’s liquor division Endeavour Drinks Group led the first push into wine in a can in a mainstream channel. Currently, wine packaged in a can has the lowest purchase consideration rates of the alternative pack formats for wine.

2.Younger Australian regular wine drinkers are more likely to consider buying wine in a broader range of packaging compared to older wine drinkers
Younger Australian wine drinkers have more openness to and affinity for packaging formats for wine beyond the standard 750ml bottle, although they still report reservations for both cans and casks. Those aged between 25 and 34 are more likely to consider buying wine in both smaller format bottles and magnums compared to older regular wine drinkers.
3.Screw-cap established as preferred closure amongst regular wine drinkers in Australia, although more rejected amongst younger wine drinkers
The number of regular wine drinkers in Australia who reject screw-caps has declined since 2009 within a market where overall attitudes towards wine closures has remained stable. Younger Australian regular wine drinkers are significantly less positive towards screw-caps than older regular wine drinkers, with these younger wine drinkers favouring natural cork.
Drawing on data collected from our October 2017 wave of Vinitrac® (the world’s largest ongoing omnibus survey on wine consumer attitudes and behaviours), trade and consumer interviews, secondary sources and market experience, this 41-page report offers a detailed analysis of how the market is performing and includes:

  • Wine package formats in Australia
    • Case study: Wine in a can, smaller formats and 1.5L bottles
    • Awareness, purchase, conversion, consideration and affinity for alternative packaging formats
  • Profiling of potential consumers of packaging formats
  • Attitude towards closure types (with tracking)