Thumbnail Master CURRENT 2018 180x180 - Wine Label Design in China 2018

First impressions are always important, and this is definitely true when it comes to wine labels. Consumer choice can be significantly influenced by what label you put on your wine. It can suggest the type, quality and heritage of your product – and ultimately your whole brand equity.

Wine Intelligence Wine Label Design in China 2018 report identifies 10 label designs that are representative of the label styles currently available in the Chinese market, and reveals findings as to which label style connects best with Chinese consumers.

The report categorises Chinese wine labels into the following:
• Traditional Prestigious
• Vineyard Stately
• Prestigious
• Classic
• Simple Elegant
• Contemporary
• Artisan
• Vibrant Classic
• Vibrant
• Bold Illustration

So, what can be taken away from the report?

  • Chinese consumers still expect higher quality and price from the conventional labels with quality reassurance cues, with ‘Traditional Prestigious’ and ‘Vineyard Stately’ leading for attractiveness, quality perception, price expectation and purchase intent measures
  • Labels with vibrant colours and less conventional designs are perceived as less attractive and lower quality, yet more likely to be purchased for more ‘public’ gifting and celebration occasions
  • Labels that appear to consumers as more ‘neutral’, especially ‘Classic’ and ‘Contemporary’, which lack distinctiveness and quality reassurance cues, have limited appeal and are less likely to be purchased
  •  Heavy use of red colour (as in ‘Vibrant Classic’) does not always win in China, unless it’s specifically for celebratory and festive occasions

The Wine Label Design in China 2018 report includes:

  • 55-page PowerPoint report with the latest information regarding consumer attitudes and behaviours to label designs in China