WINE CONSUMER TRENDS IN COVID 19 ERA 180x180 - Wine Consumer Trends in the Covid-19 Era

In many key markets, wine continues to be a ‘beneficiary’ of lockdown and restrictions, with consumers increasingly enjoying wine across a broader range of at-home occasions. Based on our latest set of data, collected in August 2020 amongst regular wine drinkers in a number of key wine markets, this report analyses 12 key wine consumer trends of the Covid-19 era, which are:

  • wine consumer trends covid 300x199 - Wine Consumer Trends in the Covid-19 EraGrowth in wine consumption frequency
  • Heartland wine drinkers driving growth
  • Non-food occasions driving wine growth
  • Slow recovery in average bottle spend on wine in off-premise
  • E-commerce for wine comes of age
  • Shift to wines seen as a safe choice and ‘localism’
  • Consumers increasingly cautious in their lifestyles
  • Large scale events off the agenda
  • Travel plans remain on hold
  • Consumers becoming more distant from on-premise
  • Treat-seeking behavior losing momentum
  • US wine market returns to growth

Wine Consumer Trends in the Covid-19 Era is a 93-page multimarket report based on August 2020 data, tracked against March 2019, March 2020 (pre-Covid behaviour) and April 2020.

Markets analysed: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Sweden, US and UK

This report analyses insights including:

  • Changes in attitudes and behaviours in wine consumption, including purchase frequency, wine occasions, spend by occasion and purchase channels
  • Profiling of who is driving changes for each trend
  • Wine consumer segmentation based on anticipated future behaviour
  • Current feelings about everyday activities and safety measures
  • Future priorities and behaviour for spend, travel, lifestyle habits, etc

Insights are reported for each market by:

  • Age cohorts (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Z, Boomers)
  • Gender
  • Wine involvement

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