US Landscapes 2019 180x180 - US Landscapes 2019

As the largest market for still light wines and the largest market for sparkling wine outside of the European markets of Germany, Italy and France, the United States is a highly appealing market to industry professionals worldwide. As such, changes and trends in this market are vital to examine and the Wine Intelligence US Landscapes 2019 report does just that, identifying several new key trends most definitely worth discussing.

The Wine Intelligence US Landscapes 2019 report finds that although the US maintained a steady volume growth throughout the years, the growth rate is beginning to stabilize and per capita consumption of still light wine remains lower than other key markets (approximately 12 liters per annum between 2013 and 2017). Despite the adult population growth, a declining proportion of alcohol drinkers coupled with a decline in wine consumption frequency has caused the monthly wine drinking population to drop from 88 million in 2015 to 84 million in 2018. Moreover, our findings show that the proportion of frequent wine drinkers (drinking at least twice a week) among regular wine drinkers has also decreased significantly since 2015.

Other key findings include:

  1. While the US remains the dominant wine market for still and sparkling wine, volume growth is leveling off
  2. US Millennials are driving a downward shift in consumer involvement with wine
  3. Consumption of wine from various countries and regions are in decline but California wines remain dominant
  4. Prominent interest in alternative packaging for wine

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