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Wine Intelligence releases our annual update of the US wine market: US Landscapes 2017. This 105-page report draws on new consumer and trade research to support our detailed analysis of how the market is performing and identifies key wine consumer behavioral trends currently happening in the US wine marketplace.

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Over the past year, the US wine market has been performing well. Consumer confidence in the US is on the up and, although consumers are choosing to drink wine less frequently than they did three years ago, they are choosing to spend more on a bottle of wine across all occasions in the off- and on-premise. Termed by experts as the ‘premiumization’ trend, many US wine consumers are looking for quality over quantity and wine businesses are capitalizing on this by increasing their premium offerings. Premiumization has been a positive development in the US wine market as has the gradual decline in the consumption of other alcoholic beverage types, particularly beer. With less competition, the wine category is at a stage where it can draw in more consumers and, as a result, we are witnessing a diversification of product offerings and experimentation with packaging formats within the wine industry.

On the whole, the outlook of the US wine market is looking positive particularly with the easing of the interstate shipping laws, despite a few setbacks on shipping regulations for retailers imposed by shipping carriers. Imported wine volumes are predicted to grow as consumers – predominantly younger consumers – take a greater interest in the category and as they try wines abroad during their travels. However, there is evidence to suggest that the premiumization trend is trailing off and will only grow if the current favorable economic conditions persist which could make the future of the US wine market difficult especially with the oncoming wine shortages caused by natural disasters in 2017.

Drawing on data collected from our July 2017 wave of Vinitrac® (the world’s largest ongoing omnibus survey on wine consumer attitudes and behaviors), trade interviews, secondary sources and market experience, the US Landscapes 2017 report features:

▪ 8 key trends in the US market and current opportunities
▪ Demographics of regular wine drinkers in the US by gender, age, US regional division and income
▪ Wine buying behavior, including channel and store usage as well as choice cues
▪ Wine-producing country and region awareness, and varietal consumption
▪ Consumption frequency and spend per occasion in both the off- and on-premise
▪ Wine attitudes, wine involvement and attitudes towards wine closures
▪ Wine brand health analysis and insight, and measures such as brand awareness, purchase, conversion to purchase, consideration, affinity and recommendation with tracking
▪ A focus on packaging formats, to gather insights into innovation trends within the industry
▪ A full user-friendly data table with data from the questions asked of consumers, cross-tabbed by gender, age, US regional division and Wine Intelligence’s Portraits consumer segmentation