UK Label Design 2018 2 1 180x180 - UK Label Design 2018

First impressions are always important, and this is definitely true when it comes to wine labels. Consumer choice can be significantly influenced by what label you put on your wine. It can suggest the type, quality and heritage of your product – and ultimately your whole brand equity. While a number of factors clearly lie behind an individual’s final decision when purchasing wine, Wine Intelligence research has found that over one third of UK regular wine drinkers say the appeal of the label is an important factor when selecting wine. For the remaining 2/3, it may be a case of them truly ignoring what a product looks like; however the anecdotal evidence supports a hypothesis that, in fact, labelling is affecting these people too – they either receive its messages unconsciously, or they simply don’t want to admit its influence. With this is mind, and four years on from our first UK label research, we are once again looking to understand: just what styles of labels really appeal to the UK consumer?

We have introduced three exciting new categories to this report: ‘Crafted Luxury’ is welcomed as an elite, opulent and deluxe design, sitting in the more premium price bracket; ‘Artisan’ follows the popular trend of hand crafted products, unique to the individual and reflecting the natural world, and finally an updated ‘Text’ based category brings the consumer one step closer to the producer through stories of winemaking, with an authentic ‘seal of approval’ from the winemakers themselves.