Thumbnail Master CURRENT 2018 1 180x180 - Sparkling Wine in the US Market 2018

The US is the fourth largest market for sparkling wine worldwide and is displaying consistent short- and long-term growth in terms of both volume of sparkling wine sold and per capita consumption.

In a market that has nearly equal market shares of domestic and imported sparkling wines, how do Americans perceive these categories of sparkling wine?

Evidence indicates that while sparkling wine drinkers in the US appreciate imported sparkling wines in terms of quality and taste, they find domestic sparkling wines to be a better bang for their buck. More specifically, our data shows that higher proportions of consumers associate domestic sparkling wine with value and French Champagne with quality.

Some other key findings from the report include:

  1. The volume of sparkling wine sold in the US continues to grow supported by per capita growth
  2. Sparkling wine remains an occasional beverage, primarily associated with celebratory occasions
  3. Nearly half of US sparkling wine drinkers enjoy being adventurous with their choice of sparkling wine, leaving just over half being price conscious and less experimental