So, what would a “stable” sparkling market in Australia look like? This report shows that imported sparkling wine is expected to continue growing in the Australian market. This growth is likely to come from a younger group of consumers who have a strong interest in the category and think sparkling wine is something important in their lifestyle. Although sparkling wine drinkers aged 18 to 34 only make up over a third (35%) of the sparkling wine drinking population in Australia, they account for over half of the monthly drinkers of imported sparkling wines such as French Champagne and Italian Prosecco.

Sparkling wine drinkers in Australia are open-minded about alternative types of sparkling wine, with half of the drinkers surveyed reporting they would consider buying sparkling wine with added fruit flavours, lower calorie or lower sugar. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine is least appealing amongst the alternative product types tested. The “single serve” packaging format for sparkling is increasingly accepted by sparkling wine drinkers in Australia – 31% would consider buying it in 2018, up from 25% in 2017.

Another piece of analysis is the comparison between Australian and Italian Proseccos in terms of their current position and consumer perception. With both countries having naming rights, we were interested in determining how they stacked up against each other. Although both Proseccos have similar rates of awareness, a higher proportion of sparkling drinkers have drunk Australian Prosecco (34%) versus their Italian counterpart (25%). Consumer perceptions of Italian Prosecco are also distinct from those of Australian style: Italian Prosecco is perceived to be of high quality, sophisticated, traditionally made, and drinking it would make a good impression on others, while Australian Prosecco offers good value for money and is a good choice for informal situations.

Key Findings:

  • French and Italian sparkling maintaining category volumes
  • Younger drinkers show more interest in sparkling wine and are more experimental than older drinkers
  • Alternative sparkling wine styles are more appealing to younger drinkers, with sparkling wine with added fruit flavours having the strongest appeal amongst alternatives
  • While Australian Prosecco is consumed by more sparkling wine drinkers, Italian Prosecco is perceived to be of higher quality and fashionable