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Buy a bundle of 10 credits and get a 30% discount on reports.

How do Report Credits work?

  • Each report in the Wine Intelligence Reports Shop is valued at between 1 to 5 credits – 1 credit = £500 value
  • Report Credits can be purchased in bundles of 10 for £3,500 (Euros 4,100 / USD 4,600 / AUD 6,700 giving you the value of £8,000 to spend on reports
  • Buying reports with Report Credits, therefore, effectively gives you 30% off your reports
  • Report Credits can be used to make purchases on multiple occasions within 12 months of purchase

How do I purchase Report Credits?

To purchase Report Credits simply click purchase below.

Prefer to purchase your Report Credits or reports offline?

Please give us a call on +44 (0)20 7378 1277 to discuss your requirements or send an email to Courtney Abernathy

How do I pay with Report Credits?

Once you purchase your Report Credits online or by contacting us directly, please email Courtney to redeem your credits.