Portugual Landscapes 2019 1 180x180 - Portugal Landscapes 2019

Despite being one of the most established markets for wine with one of the highest per capita consumption in the world, the wine category in Portugal continues to grow significantly, year on year. Evidence suggests that this, in part, is being driven by the recent boom in tourism and the economic recovery after years of financial crisis.

The second edition of Portugal Landscapes, updated from 2017, includes in-depth input from both Portuguese wine drinkers and trade experts. Key findings include:

  1. Increasing competition in a growing wine market
  2. Brands becoming more premium in terms of positioning and design, yet are often heavily discounted
  3. Wine drinkers retreating from mainstream brands
  4. The classical retail channels (supermarkets and hypermarkets) continue to dominate and retain ‘power’ in the market
  5. Consumers becoming more open to exploring a broader range of wine types and styles
  6. Rise in the enjoyment of wine at home