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The latest Wine Intelligence report on the New Zealand wine market – New Zealand Landscapes 2018 – provides an overview of the consumption behaviour and attitude towards wine among New Zealand regular wine drinkers, insight from trade experts as well as the latest trends. Below are some of the key highlights included in the report:
1. The wine category in New Zealand is now stable after a period of negative growth, and there is now optimism for future growth
2. The market is seeing a growth in consumption of rosé wine and Prosecco among New Zealand regular wine drinkers
3. Whilst the majority of wine drunk in New Zealand is domestic, New Zealand regular wine drinkers show a high awareness of imported wine

Drawing on data collected from our October 2017 wave of Vinitrac® (the world’s largest ongoing omnibus survey on wine consumer attitudes and behaviors), trade interviews, secondary sources and market experience, this 97-page report offers a detailed analysis of how the market is performing and includes:
▪Demographics of regular wine drinkers in New Zealand by gender, age, New Zealand region and household income per annum before taxes
▪Wine buying behaviour, including channel and store usage as well as choice cues
▪Wine-producing country and region awareness and varietal consumption
▪Wine brand health analysis and insight and measures such as brand awareness, purchase, conversion to purchase, consideration, affinity and recommendation with tracking
▪Hot topic: A focus on wine packaging formats in the New Zealand wine market
▪A full user-friendly data table with data from the questions asked of consumers, cross-tabbed by gender, age and New Zealand region