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The wine category in Ireland has remained relatively stable since 2013, with a marginal drop in per capita consumption and a marginal increase in both still wine volumes sold and the average price per bottle. The frequency with which consumers enjoy wine has also remained stable, but the strong growth story in Ireland is sparkling wine, driven by Prosecco. As well as this, there is also a growing interest amongst Irish drinkers to try new and different styles of wine, with this open-minded attitude illustrated by the gravitation towards more niche varietals. However, this is countered by these drinkers also being more price conscious. This sits within a context of a stronger economy in Ireland, which in part is driving a trend towards consumers spending more on a bottle of wine across the majority of both on and off-trade occasions.

Key findings include:

  1. Wine market in Ireland remains stable, while sparkling wine performs strongly, driven by Prosecco
  2. Prominent interest in trying different styles of wine, countered by more price consciousness
  3. Older drinkers in Ireland enjoy wine more frequently than younger drinkers, who select from a broader range of drink choices
  4. Increased spend on wine in both on-trade and off-trade, partly driven by the recovered economy in Ireland, but also reflective of price increases
  5. Market experts identify trend towards lower and no alcohol wines
  6. Public health (alcohol) bill poses potential threats to the Irish wine market
  7. Uncertainty over impacts of both Brexit and potential tax increases

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