Spanish village with vineyard

In the Wine Intelligence Spain Landscapes 2019 report one trade interviewee stated: “The wine industry in Spain needs three types of sustainability: sustainability of prices so that the business is profitable, moderation of the consumer when it comes to drinking alcohol and sustainability in terms of practices in the Spain Landscapes 2019 300x199 - Informe Sobre El Mercado Español De Vino (Spain Landscapes 2019)vineyard.” It is clear sustainability is at the top of mind for both the trade and consumers, and we are starting to see these seeds of sustainability pop up throughout the Spanish wine market.

The Spain Landscapes 2019 report also provides much more information about how the market is developing and how we can make the market more sustainable for businesses, consumers and the natural environment.



Please note this report is in Spanish, but can be purchased in English for six report credits (GBP £3,000, AUD $5,600, USD $4,000, and EUR €3,500).