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The Global Compass report and data tool aim to help eliminate uncertainty and highlight opportunity. We have collected data from 50 global markets that we have identified as the most attractive, profitable and full of potential. Using a unique and updated formula that takes into consideration both general economic measures and wine market measures, we have produced this year’s definitive ranking of the most lucrative wine markets.

The report is designed as a reference guidebook to help wine businesses compare the opportunities offered by different wine consumption markets. The data tool shows key metrics for each market, and these are combined to show a ranking of 50 key wine markets using a composite weighted attractiveness measure that, in turn, combines overall economic factors and wine market factors

This year’s edition of our Global Compass report comes at a time of heighted uncertainty. With the antagonistic trade administration of Trump there is great uncertainty within the global trade ecosystem. This is elevated by prospect of the UK undergoing a disorderly exit from the European Union, which is likely to result in poor economic performance in the UK overall and potentially could lead to significant short-term supply chain and cashflow risks.

Key findings from the report include:

  1. The global wine market value (at retail prices) has increased by 3% in the past year within the top 50 markets to USD 160 billion, while the total volume of wine sold has remained stable. Harvest shortages, quality driven consumers and higher taxes are some of the drivers of this change
  2. Several retail alcohol monopolies around the world are undergoing periods of reform which are liberalising the trading environment for wine
  3. The 2018-19 Global Compass Model shows an overall growth in the attractiveness of the world wine market compared to 2017-18, with most of the 50 markets having a positive performance
  4. Once again, the US tops the list as the most attractive wine market in the world with consistent year-on-year growth, in terms of volume and value, although the volume growth rates appear to finally be slowing down
  5. China’s middle class is driving the increase in consumption of imported wine in this market, supported by more efficient channels, including online channels, that bring higher levels of availability for the consumers in general

Over the past four years we have completed a number of successful benchmarking exercises with clients to adapt the model to their specific market strengths and opportunities. If you would like to know more about the report’s underpinnings or adapt the model for your specific circumstances, please contact Richard Halstead at Wine Intelligence (