Global Compass report on wine market attractiveness

Global Compass 2019 is designed to help wine businesses compare the opportunities offered by different wine consumption markets. This report includes a reference guidebook and interactive data tool, which together show the top 50 most attractive wine markets globally. This ranking is based on economic factors and wine market  factors, all detailed in the report, that are combined to deliver the weighted attractiveness model, providing a snapshot of the global wine market at this moment.Global Compass 2019 1 300x199 - Global Compass 2019

In terms of ranking, the US again tops the list as the most attractive wine market in the world, but we may be seeing still wine volume and value begin to slow. The top five is rounded out by Canada, France, Germany and The Netherlands, which has moved up this year from 9th place in 2018. South Korea has also seen a significant increase in attractiveness, making it into the top 10 for the first time.


For more information on Global Compass 2019, please view this video describing what is included and how it can be used:

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