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First impressions are always important, and this is definitely true when it comes to wine labels. Consumer choice can be significantly influenced by what the label you put on your wine says about the type, quality and heritage of your product – and ultimately your whole brand equity. With this in mind, Wine Intelligence has, for the first time, carried out a study to investigate which label designs most appeal to the German wine consumer.

We began the study by partnering with a highly respected German marketing agency, Quantum X. We held focus groups in Munich, Cologne and Hamburg in order to identify 10 different archetypes of label designs which feature most prominently in the German wine market. Quantum X helped us design these 10 label designs, following the conventions of the archetype, which were then tested in a quantitative study using a representative sample of German regular wine drinkers. Respondents were asked a series of questions which helped us assess their perception of each of the label designs and ultimately find out which of the label designs appealed to them most.

The results show that German regular wine drinkers have a strong preference for label designs which are simple and prestigious while finding the more contemporary styled labels less appealing. Younger regular wine drinkers, being newcomers to the wine category, show an a greater openness to a broader range of labels and do not conform to designs typically seen as central to the category. However, those over the age of 60 typically find the more unconventional labels far less appealing than average.

This report is a useful guide for producers who want to gain a better understanding of their consumers’ preferences when it comes to label designs. When designing a label, they must keep in mind their brand positioning and make that crucial decision between keeping it ‘central’ to the category or moving towards more contemporary styles.

The Germany Label Design 2018 report includes:

▪84-page PowerPoint report with the latest information regarding consumer attitudes and behaviours to label designs in Germany supported by Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac® and data table