Canada Portraits 2018  180x180 - Canada Portraits 2018

This 103-page report is a comprehensive wine consumer segmentation study of the Canadian wine drinking population split into six segments based on their relationship with the wine category.  Our Portrait reports are designed to enhance marketing strategy development and provide wine businesses with a reference that can be applied to individual brands, categories and companies.

Wine Intelligence has identified six distinct types of Canadian drinkers of wine by performing a cluster analysis of their wine consumption frequency, typical spend on a bottle of wine, and their involvement in the category. These groups are: Engaged ExplorersEnthusiastic TreatersMainstream MaturesSocial NewbiesKitchen Casualsand Contented Occasionals. Each group represents one typical set of behaviour and relationship with wine, each with their own needs and merits. Notably, since our last Canadian Portraits report in 2015 some segments have shifted in behaviour, prompting new names and new proportions.

The Canada Portraits 2018 report allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of these groups, thus helping you to identify who your target customers really are, and giving you the tools to plan the most effective ways of reaching them. The report includes the following:

  • An in-depth analysis on consumer motivations to drink wine as well as their wine consumption and purchasing behaviour of each consumer group
  •  Business opportunities and challenges for each consumer group

A full user-friendly data table with data from the questions asked of consumers, cross-tabbed by each consumer group