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The Canadian wine market is notable just as much for the trends that are expected (effects of Cannabis legalisation) as the trends that are actually happening. Now, evidence points to a strong boost in premium rosé, principally from the Provence region of France. Sparkling wine is also riding a boom of everyday celebration, led by Prosecco, which is quickly becoming Italy’s most high-profile wine export. In addition, locally-produced wines have also been making solid progress in the past decade. This is due to better growing and winemaking practices in both the key wine producing regions of Okanagan (BC) and Niagara (Ontario), which has enabled a whole generation of wine drinkers to tune into a high-quality domestic product.

Other key findings include:

  1. Although the market remains in growth, volume growth has slowed, while value has increased
  2. Rosé wine consumption is increasing, especially in Québec
  3. Consumption of sparkling wine is booming, albeit from a low base
  4. Consumption among wine drinkers of beer and craft beer has increased
  5. The proportion of Canadians consuming local wines is growing, mainly driven by Québécois regular wine drinkers
  6. French regions are losing consumer mind space in Québec

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