Austalia Portraits 2019 180x180 - Australia Portraits 2019

With over half of the adult population in Australia drinking wine at least once per month, trying to decipher trends and patterns of behaviour en masse represents a challenge. We know that there are different types of wine consumers, from the highly involved to the casual drinker, but this report goes deeper to uncover segments of consumers based on their behaviour and attitude towards wine.

Australia Portraits 2019 explores six distinct segments that emerge amongst Australian wine drinkers:

  1. Engaged Explorers
  2. Social Newbies
  3. Mainstream Matures
  4. Contented Treaters
  5. Senior Bargain Hunters
  6. Kitchen Casuals

For those familiar with Australian Portraits, you may notice differences to the segments that were identified in 2016. Just as wine markets are evolving over time, so are our consumers. Some of these shifts are more noticeable than others, but collectively, the changes are enough to lead to an evolution of the wine drinker segments.

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