Chile - Chile by Land, Sea and Air

Chile is always a great place to rediscover your love of seafood and scenery, and admire the ambition of a successful wine industry

Last week my colleague Tetyana and I were in Santiago presenting our latest research commissioned by the Wines of Chile, as always we have always felt very welcomed there and we always enjoy working with such a positive and supportive business community. The quality of the food is great too!

Chile has always done something well: being adventurous in terms of pushing into export markets, and backing up their ambition with serious investment. One of the projects we presented was our 2015 Compass project which is a model to categorise world markets in terms of their attractiveness and maturity. A test we always do with clients is to see if their top ten markets are well distributed across the board (eg. ranging from mature markets to emerging). The theory goes like this: If most of the sales of any producing country or region are allocated only to a few mature markets they will suffer in the mid to long-term. But this is far from the case of Chile: they have a diverse range of key markets including some emerging markets where they have an advantageous position as first-movers. In this ever evolving world with new consumers entering the category in unexpected places it serves as a timely reminder that the most risky strategy is to “play safe”.

On the flight back something unexpected happened (normally not good news when it comes to air travel). The Iberia pilot decided to change the route of the flight and instead of crossing the Andes directly from Santiago he took us to see the Chilean coast before turning the plane towards the mountains. “Hope you enjoy it,” he said while we flew over the Chilean beaches and seaside towns. It was indeed an incredible experience to have a grandstand view of the width of the country, from the coast to the Andes, and well worth the diversion.

Author: Juan Park