LabelTrends - Are your wine labels on trend?

We take look at wine labels who have put their own twist on global trends

When it comes to wine label design, we’ve all got an opinion or two and about what we think works. All too often, we find ourselves holding different views to those of our colleagues and friends. After all, when it comes to the aesthetics of design, it’s personal right?

LabelTrends 300x266 - Are your wine labels on trend?

One way to mediate different opinions could be to make sure that your labels reflect the latest consumer trends. Examples of the nine global consumer trends published in our recent report can be identified all around us. Whether our hearts are being warmed by the comforting security of “Retro” styled goods, or we are drawn to the refreshing honesty of products that value “Transparency”, building on consumers trends could be a way of resolving those differences of opinions when it comes to selecting label design.

Here, we’ve picked out 2 wine labels that we think have done a great job of putting an innovative twist on two global trends:

Global trend = Consumer Generated: Personalising the world around us

Matsu Wine 300x249 - Are your wine labels on trend?

Matsu Wine

The Consumer Generated trend isn’t entirely new. The very wealthiest in society have always bought bespoke tailoring or commissioned their own architecture. Technology now means that today, more of us can put our own stamp on the things we buy. Nike, for example, sell trainers that can be customised and designed online to be manufactured to your own personal specifications, and then sent direct to your doorstep.

This refreshingly simple label from Talia Cohen for the B Frank digital marketing agency, encourages buyers to add handwritten messages to each bottle. You can’t get more personal than that without being a winemaker.

Global trend = Fusion: Blurring cultural and geographical boundaries

The name of this wine ‘Matsu’ means ‘to wait’ in Japanese. This organic wine is from the rural region of Toro, in Spain, and seeks a fusion of the Oriental tradition of caring for nature with the advanced winemaking techniques of Europe – a process that requires patience to achieve the perfect balance in the wine. All things Japanese also happen to be very cool in Spain right now: ordering sushi appears to be overtaking the ordering of gin and tonic on the streets of Madrid.
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