24.06.2014 Pod3 canada - All wine drinkers are not created equal

A look at the Canadian Premium wine consumer

As Thomas Jefferson famously wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal”. When it comes to wine, however, it’s fair to say that, while consumers now have an equal opportunity to purchase wine, only some have the means and the motivation to do so on a regular basis. Numerous academic and marketing studies, including our own, have been commissioned on trying to segment and define the general ‘wine drinker’ into smaller, more manageable groups. With a better understanding of the behaviours and key drivers of each of these groups, they can then be more effectively targeted through, marketing, sales and product design initiatives.

One such import group to scrutinise are premium consumers. As the name suggests, this group is of obvious interest due to its members higher spend on wine and greater involvement in the category. Wine Intelligence recently launched a study comprised of both an online survey and dinner party focus groups into premium consumers in the USA, which proved very popular with our clients. Next on the agenda is Canada. So what do we already know about this group?

Firstly, we define them as consumers who drink wine on a monthly or more frequent basis, and typically spend more than $16 on a bottle of wine to drink at home. This currently puts the number at just over 3 million premium consumers in the Canadian market. This group tends to have a male bias (60-40 male female split). There is also a higher concentration of Premiums in Québec: 34% of Premiums live there versus 28% of all wine drinkers, versus Ontario (31% of Premiums, 38% of all drinkers). Whether this is an influence of French/European wine culture on the Québécois remains to be seen, but watch this space.

If you wish to find out more about the Canadian Premium market or have the opportunity ask your own bespoke questions to this important group (as part of an online survey or dinner party focus groups), please contact Lulie Halstead or see our brochure

Author: Stephen Lacey