The Australian

James Halliday’s latest piece for The Australian serves as an overview of the Australian wine market and identifies China as Australia’s most important export market. Borrowing from the key trends in China that Wine Intelligence identified earlier in the year, Halliday comments:
“Wine Intelligence, a UK-based international market research company, recently released a report on the key trends in the Chinese market. It described an expanding market with rising disposable income and improved logistical distribution in lower-tier cities; increasing purchase of wine for personal consumption by younger, open-minded consumers; preference for softer, more fruity red wines with less tannins; developing demand for white wine, especially aromatic styles; regional differences reflecting local cuisine; a shift to online purchasing enhanced by access to wine information and lower prices; lower mark-ups in restaurants and ready acceptance of BYO; and increasing acceptance of screwcaps for wines at lower price points, although not for higher priced red wines for gift-giving (it won’t take long).
I would add that inbound Chinese tourism in Australia (and across-the-board investment) is creating unpaid Chinese ambassadors for our wines at mind-bending speed.”
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