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Decision-making dilemmas for ‘real wine drinkers’

“Oh crap, this is overwhelming!” explains my respondent. She’s a Developing Drinker – a representative of our valuable wine drinker segment dominated by younger, affluent consumers, who are happy to spend $20 a bottle for an everyday wine on a weekly basis, but still feel a bit clueless about our category. I’ve asked her to come shopping for wine with me, to learn more about her shopping habits.

“I love drinking wine and I love coming shopping for wine, because I’m thinking about the happy occasions I’ll be drinking it for – normally a cosy dinner with my boyfriend, or even just unwinding after work. But as soon as I step into the wine store, my first feeling is that I’m overwhelmed with all this choice”. This wine drinker is by no means alone. However, as industry professionals who frequently get drawn into the interesting depths of wine, it’s important to remember what shopping for wine is like for ‘real wine drinkers’.

In our latest Australia Landscapes Report, to be published this week, our study with over 1,000 regular wine drinkers reveals that the shopping habits of wine drinkers in this established wine market have been relatively stable. The top choice cues for wine drinkers in Australia are still varietal, familiar brand, country of origin, promotional offer and region. However, recommendation from shop staff or leaflets have become more important over the past few years. In fact, store recommendations is the only choice cue that has increased in importance.

“This recommendation note on the shelf has drawn me in with the word ‘Yum’,” my respondent points out. “I’m looking for any words that tell me what the flavour of wine will be and maybe what to drink it with… and this one has a bit of personality”. This Developing Drinker was not alone, across our accompanied shopping programme which supports this report, we learnt how shelf-talker recommendations can be a highly effective tool when they are flavour-focused, have a personal tone and kept clear and concise.

Learn more about the key findings from our accompanied shopping programme and online wine drinker tracking study (Vinitrac®) in the Australia Landscapes Report 2015. Contact for more details.

Author: Natasha Rastegar