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Vinitrac® Sparkling standard questions

Question title Question label 1 Country of residence Which country do you live in? 2 Region of residence In which region do you live? 3 Age Which of the following age groups do you fall into? 4 Gender Are you…? 5 Awareness of sparkling wine types Looking at the sparkling wine types below, please indicate […]


What’s the damage for UK on-trade?

A smooth re-opening of UK pubs, bars and restaurants following lockdown will mean on-trade wine sales volumes will be down nearly a third in 2020, so long as there is no second wave of the virus Come Saturday the 4th of July, there are likely to be plenty of crowds, and high spirits, in evidence […]


US wine volumes look stable for 2020

US wine market volumes will be flat in 2020, with coronavirus-related off-premise surge balancing out 29% on-premise volume decline, according to Wine Intelligence modelling Total wine consumption in the US will show static volumes for 2020, with consumers broadly drinking the same amount of wine, but inevitably drinking proportionally more at home versus in the […]


Wine Intelligence Deutschland All Access COVID-19 Angebot für Betriebe und Erzeuger die Abgaben an den Deutschen Weinfonds entrichten

Die Auswirkungen der COVID-19 Pandemie auf das Konsumverhalten sind derzeit noch unklar, proaktive Reaktion auf die sehr wahrscheinlichen Veränderungen wird aber zweifellos kritisch für den kurz- wie auch langfristigen Erfolg! Wir haben schnell reagiert! Seit Ende Februar enthalten unsere weltweiten Vinitrac Befragungen von Weintrinkern ergänzende COVID-19 Tracking-Fragen. Die ersten Ergebnisse werden in den kommenden Tagen […]


Research in the time of viruses

Amid the economic and political turbulence caused by coronavirus around the world, we in the research industry should address two very pertinent questions: is it appropriate or valuable to conduct market research at this particular moment? And how reliable will the results be?


The four ‘R’s

A handy guide to Wine Intelligence industry trends for 2020 Beware January, with the airwaves and wifi thick with trends and predictions for the coming year. A close reading of many offerings, plus a bit of careful Googling, tend to show that many of these ‘new’ trends are nothing of the sort. The truth is […]