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Wine Intelligence’s world-leading syndicated research is here to help you navigate the challenges of the new year

With the rise of craft cocktails and beer, a drive towards healthy lifestyles and the rise of Millennial consumers, wine business leaders are faced with, in equal parts, unprecedented opportunities and difficult challenges in 2019. To help tackle the to-do list for the new year, Wine Intelligence’s Reports Shop, the world’s leading source of syndicated consumer insights about the wine category, will be expanding the breadth of reports this year, producing 44 reports covering major themes in a global market.

At the core of our offer remains our Wine Intelligence Landscapes reports. They contain trend data covering sales, usage and attitude, and special topics of interest in that particular market (in the past few months, we’ve covered the potential impact of Cannabis legalization in Canada and Brexit in the UK). This year we will be covering 21 markets, a combination of updating previously examined markets as well as introducing new markets where we have never conducted research, such as Peru Landscapes due to be published in Q2. Moreover, in addition to market-wide reports, we will conduct an in-depth investigation at state-level and province-level landscapes in key markets in US and Canada, respectively. In order to gain a further detailed analysis of one of the fast-growing, most exciting wine categories, publications of our Sparkling reports will continue, examining five major markets this year – France, the US, the UK, Australia and Japan.

We also produce consumer behaviour and attitudinal segmentations (published as our Portraits reports) covering key consumption markets. Segmentations for the US, Canada and UK have just been updated in the past few months, and next up is Australia Portraits, which is due out in a few weeks’ time, followed by China Portraits, one of our most popular and widely used reports. We will also be expanding our syndicated research offer on niche topics, such as direct-to-consumer sales in the US and online retail in the German market. In response to the popularity of our first-ever 2018 multimarket report covering sustainable, organic and lower alcohol wines (SOLA), Wine Intelligence will be boosting focus on this niche category both from a multimarket perspective as well as in individual market perspective to better understand where alternative wines have the greatest chance of success. These markets include Australia, Japan, the Nordics, the US and the UK.

In conjunction with our market-specific reports, we will continue to grow our global expertise with the 2019 publications of Global Trends in Wine, Global Wine Brand Power Index and the Global Compass Report for both still and sparkling wines. Finally, Vinitrac®, the Wine Intelligence omnibus survey running in 33 markets, will continue to offer wine businesses a unique opportunity to ask questions, test concepts and understand opportunities among their consumers around the world.

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