The Wine Profiler: the latest sales, brands and trends data in one place

We are delighted to announce the Wine Profiler, a revolutionary data tool which allows you to see all key sales and consumer insight data about all the key brands in 15 leading wine consumptions markets of the world. The tool has been developed as part of a unique collaboration between Wine Intelligence and the IWSR, which for the first time offers clients the opportunity to combine our respective datasets in one easy to use interface.
The web-based platform can drill down at a brand level to look at sales volumes over time, who is buying a brand, and how perceptions of a brand have changed over time. This can then be compared with up to 50 brands per market, across 15 markets. The Wine Profiler has a charting tool and can export your analysis into Excel. It also offers a database of innovations in a given sector, by market, which is updated quarterly.
For a demonstration of the Wine Profiler, a unique and ground-breaking data tool, please contact our team using the details below.


IWSR Profiler


Data is available for 15 markets, which, together represent 85% of global wine purchases:
Australia • Belgium & Luxembourg • Brazil • Canada • China • Finland • Germany • Japan • Mexico • The Netherlands • Poland • South Korea • Sweden •  United Kingdom • United States
The interactive web-based platform enables users to generate cross-tabbed charts and data tables at the click of a button. As well as brand-level data, users can compare the IWSR’s sales trend data and Wine Intelligence consumer behaviour data at a market level.

For more information about the Wine Profiler tool, please contact Chuan at

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