Vinitrac® is our wholly-owned global survey of wine drinkers, which monitors and tracks the attitudes, behaviour and the consumer’s relationship with still and sparkling wine around the world.
Our surveys use a representative sample of adults who drink wine in each of the countries where we operate. An omnibus survey consists of a standard question set that can be supplemented with your bespoke questions. A bespoke survey gives you more control over the make-up of the survey sample and the structure of the standard question set, as well as the option to add bespoke questions.


Upcoming waves: 
Sparkling wine: May / June 2018
Still: July 2018
Still: October 2018
Vinitrac® markets
We conduct regular omnibus wine drinker surveys in 32 markets, with our geographical scope continuously expanding. Our current markets are:
Argentina ▪ Australia ▪ Belgium ▪ Brazil ▪ Canada ▪ Chile ▪ China ▪ Colombia ▪ Denmark ▪ Finland ▪ France ▪ Germany ▪ Hong Kong ▪ Italy ▪ Ireland ▪ Japan ▪ Mexico ▪ New Zealand ▪ Norway ▪ Paraguay ▪ Peru ▪ Poland ▪ Portugal ▪ Russia ▪ Singapore ▪ South Korea ▪ Spain ▪ Sweden ▪ Switzerland ▪ The Netherlands ▪ United Kingdom ▪ United States
Sampling methodology
Vinitrac® always uses quota sampling in order to ensure sample representativeness. This methodology is widely used in major market research companies across the world. It is widely acknowledged that some groups of consumers are more likely than others to answer surveys. Quota sampling helps market researchers compensate for this.
We conduct Vinitrac® surveys with regular wine drinkers, premium wine drinkers and sparkling wine drinkers depending on project requirements.
standard questionsStandard questions
Each Vinitrac® survey consists of a standard question set as outline below supplemented with client specific questions. Standard questions include:
Questionnaire length
Typically each survey includes a total of 40 – 50 questions including both the standard and client-specific modules, and takes 15 – 18 minutes for respondents to complete. Our experience and strong recommendation is that online surveys should not normally exceed 18 minutes maximum, to avoid the risk of respondent fatigue and thus possibly low-quality responses and low response rates.
“Since 2008 Australian Vintage have used Wine Intelligence’s Vinitrac® to assess the health of our McGuigan brand in the UK. Our work together has always proven to be insightful, and over the years has helped shape our strategy for the brand.” – Australian Vintage
“Wine Intelligence has been working with Brown Brothers to provide insight on brand and product opportunities through bespoke research projects. Their Vinitrac® tracking has also allowed us to set measures on key metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing activities over time. From planning and methodology to presentation and interpretation of data, Wine Intelligence continues to be a valuable research partner for Brown Brothers.” – Brown Brothers

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