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Less, but better

People waving GB flags (800x800)

UK wine consumers are declining in number, but those that remain are trading up and adopting a more involved stance towards their wine-drinking habits

September 2016

Uncorking the truth


Did British wine drinkers vote for Brexit?

Retail theatricals


The UK bricks-and-mortar retail scene is reinventing itself as a “brand experience” destination

June 2016

Britain’s OMG moment

shutterstock_378468136 (2) (600x599)

How the nation’s wine drinkers might be feeling, post-Brexit.

April 2016

Shifting shapes?

People waving GB flags (800x800)

How have our UK consumer segments evolved over the past three years?

December 2015

Miracle in the wine aisle


Despite prophesies of doom, some brands seem to be doing quite well in the UK supermarket channel

November 2015

The feel-good factor

British pub at night

With the economy picking up in the UK, are drinkers responding by changing their habits?

June 2015

Act your age!

collage of people coloured backgrounds
While focusing on Millennials, we have forgotten about the power of older generations

The apps have it

Popular wine apps may be changing how UK consumers purchase and enjoy wine

Curating luxury

Three brand stories in a short walk down Piccadilly
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