Singapore Landscapes 2017

Wine Intelligence today releases Singapore Landscapes 2017, its first in-depth market analysis of this strategic southeast Asian hub. Singapore represents both a local consumption and re-export market, with strong links to countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, robust logistical infrastructure and import/export business (in 2015, 40% of imported wine was re-exported to South East Asian and East Asian countries).
The report looks at the key developing trends in the Singapore wine market, such as the Prosecco revolution, increased importance of online purchase channels, and the dominance of promotional offers as a choice cue. Wine Intelligence findings also point to some more enduring trends in market: Singapore continues represent a very strong market for Champagne; consumption frequency and varietal consumption is largely stable; and duty free remains the most popular channel in terms of usage.
A focus on wine consumption in the on-trade shows that semi-annual wine drinkers in Singapore are becoming more price conscious, with a significantly higher proportion now spending less than $60 with an informal meal in a bar/restaurant (35% in 2017 vs. 28% 2016).” Analysis of consumer perceptions of the on-trade suggests that the biggest barrier to wine purchase is price, with the “the wines are too expensive” being the most frequently cited barrier to wine purchase in hotel bars/restaurants, casual restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

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Drawing on data collected from our March 2017 wave of Vinitrac® (the world’s largest ongoing omnibus survey on wine consumer attitudes and behaviours), trade interviews, secondary sources and market experience, the Singapore Landscapes 2017 report also features:


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